Investment Advisory Services

Wepeak™ provides non-discretionary investment management. Wepeak™ helps their clients to choose and design their investment strategies according to their risk profiles. we contact clients to advise and discuss investment matters. Wepeak™ does not have any direct access to your portfolios. No transactions are carried out without the client’s approval.

If you have a keen, active interest in the financial markets and would prefer to be contacted with investment recommendations from our investment management team, a non-discretionary approach to managing your investments might be right for you.

Benefit from our expertise while enjoying more control. By adopting a non-discretionary approach, you become part of our investment management team. You have the final say in all decisions relating to your investment, but we'll work closely with you to help formulate your ideal strategy according to a risk profile of your choice, advise on your decisions and consult on any changes to your portfolio.

Wepeak™ Advisory services is a personalized service to guide and support you in the decision making process and to build for a better future. The definition of your objectives and your personal investment strategy and the execution and monitoring of your investments is supported by our professionals who will continually help you to manage your investments.

Wepeak helps the client define a short to long-term investment strategy based on the general investment analysis of the market environment, conditions and outlook. We also provide information on the market and financial products to facilitate investment decisions. The client executes the orders and monitors his transactions. The client can choose from three risk profiles from (Low, Mid, High Risk) which guide the investment proposals made by our investment management team.

Investment Management MODEL:
Wepeak's work method is based on an investment management model with three clearly defined steps.

Step (1) Definition of investment profile and objectives

Definition of investment profile and objectives

When determining the investment profile and objectives, we must understand each client individually. To that end, we study the individual situation of our clients in detail, looking to understand their investment horizons, their liquidity needs and the levels of risk they are willing to assume. This analysis is reviewed periodically, based on the evolution of the market and of the client's needs.

As far as the Wepeak's role in decision-making and service, there are two investment platforms, each guided by the investment profile and designed to meet our clients´different needs.

Wepeak's Investment Management Model Phase 1

Step (2) Definition of the investment strategy

Definition of the investment strategy

The definition of the asset allocation and Timing are the fundamental pillar of the investment strategy and guides us to the successful achievement of our client's goals. Wepeak™ Advisors and Investment Professionals coordinate the resources of the division and the firm to help clients develop wealth and investment management strategies to match their goals and risk tolerance levels and to identify investment opportunities to help clients reach their objectives.

1) Investment purpose: Being clear about your goals
We understand client's goals and establish appropriate investment objectives.
- How long is your investment horizon?
- When will you need access to your funds?
- Do you require a regular income?
- Is capital growth important?
- How much risk can you afford to take?

2) Portfolio asset allocation and Decision-making strategies
The choice and composition of asset classes across the full range of global markets is the most important investment decision. Our research and portfolio management teams focus their efforts on monitoring, analyzing and modelling the various asset classes and markets to construct and manage portfolios that effectively meet our clients’ needs. The strategic asset allocation is modified, from time to time, according to the markets' conditions and perspectives. To develop a strategic view of the market.

The main methodologies:
1- Fundamental and Financial analysis.
2- Quantitative analysis.
3- Elliott Waves and Technical analysis.
4- Inter-market analysis.

Our portfolios offer a carefully constructed blend of four core industry investment styles. Each style has its own distinct characteristics and makes an essential contribution to the portfolio’s performance and risk.

1- Active Management:
Active management is an attractive strategy to enhance return in markets, Especially that are less efficient such as those in developing or emerging markets.
2- Hedge strategies:
Hedge strategies are designed to generate returns in a variety of market conditions. These strategies can help to reduce the overall risk in a portfolio.
3- Risk-Adjusted Strategies:
Our Risk-Adjusted strategies are targeted to generate more exciting returns with moderately higher risk.
4- Passive Management:
Our investment management and researches teams support clients for selecting the best passive and Specialist Funds. Passive funds invest in the whole market offer better value and are a natural complement to the actively managed funds.

3) Portfolio Risk Management

Finally, we define how we view and manage investment risk within your portfolio. We believe there are three key investment risks that need to be managed:

  • Volatility risk: the risk that large swings in asset prices may impact your portfolio value over the short term.
  • Liquidity risk: the risk that you may not have access to your investment when you require it.
  • Shortfall risk: the risk that your portfolio fails to meet your income and capital growth objectives within your chosen time frame.

Expertise and skill are essential in structuring each portfolio to effectively achieve the optimal balance between the management of investment risk and the need for required returns.

Step (3) Follow-up and performance review

Follow-up and performance review

Wepeak™ team, along with the client, a thorough and frequent revision of their profile, objectives and results, seeking to keep the investments within the established parameters.

In order to identify possible deviations in the strategic positions from the investment profile, we also rely on automated monitoring systems. These strict institutional controls are in line with our commitment to always protect our client's interests.

Furthermore, each client has direct access to simulated portfolios to monitor their positions performance through a private access site on the Internet, enabling them to view the evolution of their investment strategies. Also Wepeak™ provides technology solutions to connect with your real portfolios at our brokerage partners. So clients can copy trades to their portfolios automatically.