Real Estate

Wepeak accurately determines the value of the Real estate. The studies are accepted by Egyptian Exchange (EGX), Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and other Authorities.

Wepeak™ prepares valuation studies according to Egyptian & International Financial Reporting Standards.The Valuation is based on revised financial models to achieve the accurate value with the least deviation.

Real estate is more than bricks and mortar. Home or business; Recognizing the use of property that yields the highest economic return creates many benefits. Therefore Wepeak™ team cooperates with independent technical experts depending on the nature of assets, with decades of experience, With an extensive database of firsthand-confirmed, comparable transactions, they are able to appraise a wide variety of improved properties and land held for development.

The appraisal offers:

  • Well-supported and defensible independent opinion of value
  • A statement describing and explaining the purpose, scope, value definition and asset definition
  • A comprehensive analysis of methodology, assumptions and limiting conditions
  • Description of the inspection of the subject property
  • Identification of highest and best use of the property and an improvement analysis
  • Analysis of regional, city and neighborhood data for where the property is located
  • Complete description of the site, building and improvements
  • Photographs of the property

The minimum requirements:

  • Causes of appraisal
  • Address(es) of property(ies) to be appraised
  • Brief description of the number, type and size of the building(s) at each location
  • Acreage associated with each property and the availability of excess land
  • Description of any special site improvements
  • Copy of the survey and site plan (when available)
  • Copies of past appraisals