Machinery & Equipment

Wepeak™ accurately determines the value of Machinery & Equipment. The studies are accepted by Egyptian Exchange (EGX), Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and other Authorities.

Wepeak™ prepares valuation studies according to Egyptian & International Financial Reporting Standards.The Valuation is based on revised financial models to achieve the accurate value with the least deviation.

Accurate machinery and equipment appraisals come from understanding the intricacies and specifications of each asset. Therefore Wepeak™ team cooperates with independent technical experts depending on the nature of assets, with decades of experience, our machinery and equipment appraisers conduct valuations in many industry segments. The appraisal process is expedited using proprietary, state-of-the-art information management systems fully integrated with the world’s largest database of transaction and market data. Our appraisers quickly leverage current market data results in their machinery and equipment valuations so that conclusions include up-to-the-minute analysis—exactly the kind of information needed to make fully-informed business decisions and maximize the value of assets throughout their life-cycle.

The appraisal offers:

  • Well-supported and defensible independent opinion of value
  • Definition(s) of value serving as the basis for the valuation
  • A statement describing and explaining the purpose, scope, value definition and asset definition
  • Narrative of the nature of the company
  • Complete descriptions of machinery and equipment and its location(s)
  • Statement of the general condition of the assets
  • Photographs and video of all key assets
  • Thorough explanation of valuation methodologies
  • Overview of key assumptions and limiting conditions
  • Analysis of evaluation considerations affecting the value of the asset

The minimum requirements:

  • Causes of appraisal
  • List of machinery and equipment to be appraised
  • List of locations to be inspected along with the type of operations at each location
  • Total floor area at each location
  • Copies of past appraisals