Intangibles Property

Wepeak accurately determines the value of the intangibles and intellectual property. The studies are accepted by Egyptian Exchange (EGX), Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and other Authorities.

Wepeak™ prepares valuation studies according to Egyptian & International Financial Reporting Standards.The Valuation is based on revised financial models to achieve the accurate value with the least deviation.

While it is impossible to reach out and touch intangibles and intellectual property (IP), these often overlooked assets can be identified and frequently have substantial value. Wepeakuses a variety of proven valuation methodologies and keen business acumen to turn intangible assets into tangible value. Our professionals are immersed in the marketplace and benefit from the practical experience of having bought, sold and saved companies. This enables our experts to recognize value that is invisible to others, which is utilized to deliver clarity to decision-makers and increase the value of companies to potential buyers or lenders. the examples of intangibles are Brand, Patent and Trademark valuation.

The main Categories of Intangible Assets:

  • Marketing-related:
    Trademarks, trade/brand names, service marks, logos and non-compete agreements
  • Customer-related:
    Customer contracts and relationships, customer lists, databases, open purchase orders, distributors and sales routes
  • Contract-based:
    Franchise and licensing agreements, permits and contracts and supplier contracts
  • Technology-based:
    Process and product patents, patent applications, proprietary processes and technology, engineering drawings, technical documentation, computer software and copyrights, formulas and recipes
  • Artistic-related:
    Musical composition, literary composition and film copyrights

The appraisal offers:

  • Well-supported and defensible independent opinion of value
  • Narrative of the history and nature of the intangibles and IP
  • Detailed industry and economic overviews relating to the intangibles and IP
  • Detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the intangibles and IP, including (when possible)
    - Income approach
    - Market approach
    - Cost approach
  • Overview of methodology, assumptions and limiting conditions
  • Detailed exhibits that support computations and analysis

The minimum requirements:

  • Causes of appraisal
  • Background information on the intangible asset(s) to be valued
  • Financial information relating to the intangible asset(s) (if available)
  • Other information specific to the type(s) of intangible asset(s) being appraised
  • Description of the company and its operating divisions
  • Brief description of the products and services produced by the company
  • Copies of past appraisals