Business Enterprise

Wepeak accurately determines the value of the business enterprise. The studies are accepted by Egyptian Exchange (EGX), Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and other Authorities.

Wepeak™ prepares valuation studies according to Egyptian & International Financial Reporting Standards.The Valuation is based on revised financial models to achieve the accurate value with the least deviation.

Our Experts know that there are many factors make a business unique like brand value, geography and even barriers to entry. You depend on sound advice to recognize the true worth of your business in order to make informed decisions that increase shareholder equity and return. An expert valuation of your company, supported by real market transactions, can help determine what your company is really worth.

Wepeak has a deep understanding of various enterprises and extensive industry experience, enabling us to provide accurate evaluations and trustworthy guidance you can rely on.

The appraisal offers:

  • Well-supported and defensible independent opinion of value
  • A narrative of the history and nature of the company
  • A statement describing and explaining the purpose, scope, value definition and asset definition
  • Detailed industry and economic overviews
  • Comparable data points that analyze market conditions
  • A comprehensive analysis of methodology, assumptions and limiting conditions
  • Detailed exhibits that support computations

The minimum requirements:

  • Causes of appraisal
  • Shareholder/partnership agreement (issuing memorandum)
  • Historic, detailed financial information
  • Financial forecasts, budgets
  • An overview of the company’s capital structure
  • A summary of the company’s debt (and priority debt holders)
  • An overview of the company and its operating divisions
  • A brief description of the products and services produced by the company
  • A copy of the current business plan (if available)
  • Copies of past appraisals