Business Planning

Prepare for the future and transition seamlessly with succession planning. A lifetime has been spent building equity in your business. Now it is time to begin considering options for gaining maximum advantage from your life’s work. Wepeak™ helps at the planning and execution of your business plan.

  • Estimate the fair value of the business and equity positions
  • Determine how business value might be impacted by a change in ownership
  • Value stock or business assets annually to support gifting strategies and consider the impact on estate and gift taxes
  • Determine how income and transfer taxes can be minimized
  •  Identify family, co-owners, managers, employees and/or competitors capable of taking the business forward
  • Identify successors to fill key management positions
  • Develop a plan and schedule that describes how and when senior management/owners will take a less active role in daily operations
  • Determine who owns what shares in the business, structure compensation plans and delineate decision making authority
  • Plan on how to retain key employees and customers during the transition
  • Identify lenders or equity participants willing to fund and/or invest in the businesses while in transition
  •  Estimate the value of the business and equity as of the transfer date
  • Execute the succession plan
  • Resolve disputes concerning the value of the business or other assets
  • Sell the business and/or business assets, when applicable