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WEPEAK INC. is a Joint Stock company founded in 2009, commercial license No. 58619/Cairo, subject to provisions of the Egyptian Capital Market Law No. 95/1992 and its implementing regulations, as amended.

WEPEAK FINANCIAL ADVISORS INC. is a Financial Advisory Firm, a core business of WEPEAK INC., authorised and regulated by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) under No. 552 and registered in the Financial Advisors Register as an Independent Financial Advisor under No. 1749 and a Nominated Advisor for Nile Stock Exchange (NILEX). - more info -

We provide independent and objective Wealth Advisory Services including Financial Planning and Investment Management Strategies to suit the diverse needs of Ultra-high net-worth and high net-worth client segments as well as institutional investors, in addition to Financial Advisory Services including Corporate Advisory and Business Valuation Needs that cater to corporate clients and business entities.

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    Al-Kasr Al-Einy, Cairo, Egypt

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